Aluguel Bentley GTC Supersport in Cannes - France


  • 1 dia / 250 km : From 1540 €
  • 3 dias / 750 km : From 4165 €
  • 7 dias / 1750 km : From 8400 €

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Em abril de 2010, a Bentley anunciou uma versão conversível do Supersports Continental. Preços começam em 280.400 dólares, e foi colocado à venda no verão de 2010. O conversível recebe o mesmo motor do cupê, mas receberá uma versão revista da ZF 6HP26 com "Quickshift", reduzindo os tempos de deslocamento em 50% e permite a redução de marchas duplas. O conversível também recebe novos, leves rodas de 20 polegadas de liga leve que são £ 22 (10,0 kg) mais leve que o de rodas padrão. Em fevereiro de 2011, a Bentley conseguiu quebrar seu próprio recorde de velocidade terrestre de gelo previamente definido pelo GT Continental. Eles conseguiram trazer um Supersports Convertible ligeiramente modificados para 205,48 MPH na Finlândia, verificados pelo Guinness World Records

Condições de Aluguer

  • Deductile : 42000 €
  • Adicionar seguro (por dia de aluguer): 16000 €
  • Reduced deductible : 16000 €
  • adicionar quilômetros : 6 €
  • idade mínima: 30 Years

A Splash of Mediterranean in a Dash - Cannes
Cannes is drenched in sun and elegance. The home of the world famous Cannes Film Festival is a must-see on the French Riviera. Style is key when visiting and Cannes car rental does not get any better than JUST4VIP. Drive through this wonderful and spectacular city in style and live as they do in Cannes. Whether visiting Cannes for a weekend or a longer vacation, you will not be disappointed. Cannes has plenty to offer the most discerning of tourists. With over twelve hours of sunshine per day, why not book one of JUST4VIP luxury cars? With an array of luxury vehicles to choose from, Cannes car rental does not come much finer than the selection offered by way of luxury and sporting features. The palm tree-lined Promenade de la Croisette is made for luxury driving to truly embrace the French Riviera lifestyle. This waterfront Promenade features restaurants, boutiques and bistro cafes. The historians will enjoy glorified villas which bear their origins of 19th-century Cannes. Bring modern to the Quarter des Anglais with your luxury car from JUST4VIP. This residential area of Cannes deserves a visit in style. St Honorat Island which is inhabited by monks and a wine-tasting produced by the monks in between prayers is highly recommended. Visiting the ruins of the 11th-century monastery on the edge of the coastline will satisfy hungry historians. Whatever your appetite, Cannes is a true delight and this sun-drenched French town has an abundance of attractions. Cannes, originally a small fishing town is now a centre of exclusive elegance. If you are looking to mingle with stars, then the Cannes Film Festival in May is a perfect time to visit. Cannes has everything to suit many budgets. The old covered market, (Marche Forville) has a range of delicacies and is situated at the west end of the town. Admire the yachts from the Port area and for those nautical admirers, the mega-rich yacht owners can be seen from the International Yacht Club. Cannes is a beautiful and exciting experience. Your Cannes car rental is a click away. météo Cannes

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rental in CannesRent sport car in Canneshire suv in Cannes

Engine & Transmission

  • Horsepower : 621cv Cv
  • Torke : 80 de 1700
  • Displacement : 5998 cm3
  • Gearbox : Automatic


  • Max speed : 325 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h : 4 s

Price & Miscellaneous

  • Price : 245000 euros
  • Interior color : White
  • Exterior color : Chocolat
  • Places inside: 4
  • Constructor :

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